me myself and i

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february. 1998. indiana.

age 10, elementary school

My name is Josi. I’m 10 years old. I’m friendly and kind. I’m also smart – 4.0. I have never gotten lower than a B+ on my report card. I love school, and I love to read. My favorite parts of school are the teachers.

I have three brothers and one sister. Only one is my full brother. We live with my mom, and the rest live with my Dad. It’s not all that fun being the middle child in my family, by the way. My oldest brother doesn’t live with us, after all, he is 23!!

I don’t have any pets. We can’t have any because I live in an apartment.

I like to sing, play piano, read, and play acoustic guitar. My most wonderfully favorite thing to do is read.

My favorite food is broccoli. Now you know about me!

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