Hey you. I’m Josi Denise. (You might remember me from The American Mama.)

I love vintage Coca-Cola signs, bright red lipstick, peanut butter anything, people with tattoos, and using oxford commas. I’m a southern girl at heart who prefers starry skies, but I’ve had my fair share of city lights.

I tell a lot of stories and take a lot of photos. Some of them are good. Most of them are pretty fucking dark.
All of them are brutally honest.

I’m highly caffeinated. I don’t have everything figured out.

I’ve learned that while sometimes days may be too long, the years are far too short.
(Except for 2016, because fuck 2016, right?)

I write about a lot of things, but at the core, I write about the relationship we have with ourselves and the world.

When I’m a little lost, I write. When I’ve got good news to share, I write. When I feel like something needs to be said, I write.
When I need you to laugh with me, I write.
When I want to escape, I write. When I want to connect, I write.
I write thoughts on coffee stained napkins and in my iPhone notes at 4am. I write ideas and quotes on the backs of envelopes I’ll lose in my purse. I write a lot of love letters (and texts with naughty pictures) to my best friend, like I have for the past decade.
I write in a grey notebook that goes everywhere with me.
I write in lots of Untitled documents cluttering my desktop that are supposedly going to become a book soon.

And I write here.

This used to be a place where I shared a glimpse of what my life was (not really) like. It’s important to understand that what we see online is only part of reality. For a long time, my posts here were scrubbed squeaky clean and pumped full of sunshine. Look at my perfect life, with my perfect children, with my perfect marriage. Look at this perfect recipe, with my perfectly spotless kitchen. Look at this shell of a fucking woman I became trying to meet the expectations that society has of me as a woman while living the most fucked up, dysfunctional life in reality.

And with those lies I drove myself into bed with a bottle of pills one morning and never wanted to get out.

Thankfully, I did. And I’m working on spilling all the true words onto paper.

This blog, now, is in a bit of a metamorphosis while I explore what I’d truly like to share and why.
But you are welcome to come along for the journey.

If you turn up your music really loud, dance around your kitchen drunk,
make a hell of a mess and it stays that way for too many days,
but fuck those cookies were delicious and worth it, we are gonna get along just fine.

xoxo, Josi

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