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I’m Josi Denise.

I’m kinda, sorta into things like

♥ equality ♥ red lipstick ♥ peanut butter ♥ trees ♥ oxford commas ♥ converse ♥ tattoos ♥ stories ♥ music ♥ getting shit done ♥ apples ♥ your face ♥

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for all other inquiries: mgmt@josidenise.com

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“Her new namesake blog […] is worth reading in full”

Lara O’Reilly, Business Insider, Advertising

“..darkly funny and impassioned.”

James Wilkinson, Daily Mail

“…recent posts were very cool and needed to be said, backlash or no.”

Mackenzie Dawson, New York Post

“epic […] from Josi Denise, not just a mommy blogger problem.”

Jack Schofield, Tech Journalist, The Guardian

“Best story of the day”

Jim Edwards, Founding Editor, Business Insider UK

“..like Tyler Durden in Fight Club” 

 Mike Cruse, blogger

“I felt every word and have lived every sentence.”

 Hayley, reader

“I finally find someone who seems to feel a similar way.”

Lulu, reader


Catherine, reader


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